Bowel Dysfunction; Constipation and Fecal Incontinence

For many, bowel dysfunction is an everyday struggle. Continuous suffering from constipation or fecal incontinence is exhausting and at times painful. Having to worry constantly about when and how your symptoms will present themselves can be distracting and emotionally upsetting.

Bowel dysfunction is not just one treatable thing. Diagnosis can range from fecal urgency and frequency to colorectal dysfunction. Sometimes these conditions are short term results of post-surgical side effects and will go away with the correct treatment and time.  Each person is affected differently, so one simple answer is not sufficient.

Physical therapy is gaining more and more recognition for its potential for breakthroughs for chronic suffering of bowel dysfunction disorders. Different from specialized medicine, PT approaches the problem from a whole body perspective, and works on whole groups of muscles and their effect on each other.

If your condition has not improved, consider seeing what pelvic floor physical therapy can do for you. Ask your doctor about the potential benefits of this conservative approach. Long used for treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, creating an individual course of therapy can help you regain control of your bowel function.