Pain in the Pelvic Floor Muscles; Very common and often the hidden unspoken pain

Pain related conditions:

Pain related conditions in the pelvic area can often be treated, improving quality of life. After childbirth, surgery, or trauma to the area, many women suffer from severe pain conditions such as vulvodynia and endometriosis. Surprisingly, one of the best treatments is pelvic floor exercises. By strengthening and working with the area, some relief can be achieved.

Trouble with intercourse is surprisingly common among adult women. Vaginismus, or the uncontrolled tightening of the muscles preventing intercourse is often a side effect of difficult childbirth. Pudendal neuralgia, pain during sex, and sacroiliac pain and dysfunction can cause frustration in marriage and intimacy. Many continue to experience it without seeking treatment, and sometimes these painful conditions improve with time, but very often they can be improved far more rapidly with physical therapy as an intervention. Pelvic floor specialists recognize and understand the physical and emotional aspects of these conditions, and work with each individual patient to make sure things get better.

Pelvic floor specialists can also can improve pain conditions in the buttocks, hip, back and coccyx. These chronic aches can stem from the pelvic area, and improving muscle control may make a big difference. If you are experiencing pain conditions, consider talking to a specialist about what can be done, and plan a consultation session.