Male Pelvic Pain

Men can suffer pain related conditions in the pelvic area just as much as women can. Pain can be caused by surgical scar tissue, surgical scar adhesion, or spontaneously occurring conditions like pudendal neuralgia.

These conditions should not be taken lightly, as they can change the quality of a person’s life. Chronic pain is difficult, and pelvic floor related pain can often be felt across the back, abdomen, hips or buttocks. Joint pain and sacroiliac dysfunction and tailbone alter the way we view ourselves, and the outings we take with family and friends, as things as simple as sitting may become painful and stressful.

Sexual pain can also occur in males, and can be very disheartening. Pain such as Pudendal Neuralgia can be potentially embarrassing. That it why it is so important that men begin to reach out to pelvic health experts. Pelvic floor exercises for men are gaining more recognition in making significant impacts on people’s lives, especially when it comes to pain conditions. As the field expands, the potential for relief grows greater. Planning a patient specific course of action is key, which is why physical therapists work to build unique sessions for every individual symptom. No two people experience pain alike, which is why pelvic floor physical therapy can be a great option for treatment, without medical intervention.