Pregnancy and Post Partum

Pregnancy and Post Partum:

For most women, pregnancy and post-partum life is a time of big changes for their bodies. As the body stretches and adapts to carrying and delivering a child, you may experience unexpected side effects. These often include pain in your pelvic floor. Far from being just another consequence of pregnancy, you can seek a course of action through physical therapy.

When you are pregnant, your weight shifts to support you little newcomer, which can strain your pelvic muscles. Using physical therapy to strengthen and reposition your balance is a great way to feel better and prevent permanent damage without medical interference.

Muscle weakness may also be a consequence of hormonal changes designed to help the labor and delivery process. While your pelvis expands to accommodate your baby, the area may become too flexible and weak. Also common with pregnancy is diastasis recti, the separation of the rectus plate muscles, causing bulging. Taking the time to work on improving these muscle groups will help with pain and strengthen you both during pregnancy and postpartum.